Madgane / Chana Dal Payasu

We GSB people [Amchigelle community] usher in the new year and celebrate springtime harvest season with Samsaar Padvo/Ugadi celebrations. Traditional home cooked food is an integral part of our celebrations and Samsaar padvo is no exception. The Ugadi menu mostly consists of Chano Kadgi Ghashi, Khotto, Chutney, Tendle bibbe upkari, Dalitoy, Madgane, etc. Though this traditional celebration while living overseas is desirable but not always practical, hence the festive menu gets adjusted depending upon the availability of ingredients and time. Whatever is the menu it does include Madgane as sweet dish. Today posting here the recipe of Madgane that has been lying in my drafts.


1 cup Chana dal/ Bengal gram dal
6 tbsp rice flour
2 -2 1/2 cups of grated jaggery [adjust as per your preference for sweetness]
1/2 cup cashews soaked in warm water [Tender cashews are preferred, but since I don't get them here I substitute it with dry cashews]
400 ml thick coconut milk [I used tinned one]
400 ml thin coconut milk [200 ml thick coconut milk + 200 ml water]
Fistful of raisins
1/2 tsp ghee
1/2 tsp cardamom powder


Roast raisins in 1/2 tsp ghee until golden brown, and keep it aside. 

Soak cashews in warm water for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, add chana dal in thick bottomed pan and dry roast until you get a nice aroma. Let it cool. Wash the roasted chana dal and pressure cook along with soaked cashews for 3 whistles. [The dal should be cooked soft and not mushy]. When the pressure is completely released, transfer the cooked dal and cashews to thick bottomed pan. Mix rice flour in thin coconut milk and add it to the dal in the pan. Simmer the mixture. After 5 minutes add grated jaggery. Mix it well and continue cooking, stirring at regular intervals until the mixture reaches its boiling point. Add thick coconut milk and boil for a minute more. Add cardamom powder and stir it well. Switch off the flame, garnish with roasted raisins and serve it warm. 

Do try this dish and feast to your heart's content.

Happy Cooking!


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