Vermicelli Upma Version 2 ~ A no onion recipe

Upma is a traditional South Indian breakfast dish. Mostly made from semolina/rava, the recipe of which you can check here,  it can also be prepared with vermicelli or oats as main ingredients. In the below recipe I have used vermicelli . Popularly known as semiya, sevai, shavige we call it shevayin in konkani. This is a no onion recipe, which I prepare as a breakfast/snack on fasting days or when I run out of stock for onions. You can also check recipe for Lemon Shevayin prepared from rice vermicelli.

2 cups vermicelli
2 green chillies, slit vertically
Few curry leaves
1 tsp mustard seeds
1 tbsp Bengal gram daal
1.5 tbsp black gram daal
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp coconut oil /ghee + 1 tbsp to roast the vermicelli
Some grated coconut or finely chopped coriander leaves to garnish [optional]


Heat 1 tbsp oil/ghee in non stick pan. Add vermicelli and roast it on low flame till light brown in color. Keep it aside and let it cool.

In the same pan heat 2 tbsp oil. Add mustard seeds. As they splutter add broken curry leaves and slit green chillies. Next add Bengal gram dal, fry for a minute on low flame. Add urad dal  and continue frying till it changes color to light brown. Add water as required [ or as per the packet instructions, I had to add 4 cups of hot water] and bring it to boil. Once the water starts boiling add roasted vermicelli and keep stirring on low flame. When partially cooked add salt and sugar as per taste. Mix everything nicely and cover the pan with lid. When you feel the vermicelli has completely cooked, add lemon juice and switch off the flame. Garnish with fresh grated coconut or finely chopped coriander leaves or serve as it is.

And while relishing this breakfast, I found myself humming to the tune of popular song " Ek garam chai ki pyali ho ,,, aur khane ko vermicelli ho" :)

  • You may add mixed vegetables.
  • You may also boil roasted vermicelli separately [ just the way we do it for noodles and to overcome the problem of overcooking/becoming soggy] and later add to the seasoning.
  • If you want to add onions, add chopped ones in the seasoning and saute them till translucent

Happy Cooking !


  1. Looks fantastic dear! Lovely pictures too!

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  3. such perfect upma. mine turn into a mush so I have stopped trying

    1. Sayantani I can very well correlate that situation,,used to happen very often with me in my early days of cooking,,i guess it also depends on the brand of vermicelli which decides on the quantity of water to be used for cooking them,

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