Microwave Biscuit Cake

Today's recipe I opted to prepare at the time when there was no baking oven at my place. I came across this microwave recipe on a social networking site [obviously it has to be FB,,,a piece of cake if  you guessed it rightly ;)] by a member Ekta Chopra. Her recipe was followed by many other members who did some changes to the original recipe. A yummy and an easy to make cake. We can bake this cake in microwave, oven and even in pressure cooker.
All the ingredients are easily available, an eggless recipe and the microwave option. I had to try this recipe.


Glucose biscuits [Parle G or Tiger] 1 packet  [100 gms]* [ you can use any biscuits like marie/ good day/ oreo biscuits

Hide n Seek /Bourbon biscuit 1 packet [100 gms]
Sugar 2 tsp [adjust as per the taste]
Milk 1/2 cup
Eno salt 3/4 tsp non-flavoured
Icing sugar/ choco chips and chocolate sauce for decoration [optional]
Butter to grease the microwave vessel


Take a packet of any glucose biscuit, either Parle G or Tiger or any other brand. Take the packet of chocolate biscuits [Bourbon or Hide n Seek]

Empty the packets in mixer and dry grind them to fine powder. Add 2 tsp of sugar, half a cup of milk and stir again in mixer to form a smooth batter. Add 3/4 tsp of ENO [fruit salt] and stir everything in mixer. Grease the microwave vessel with butter and pour the mixture from mixer into this vessel.
Microwave just for 5 minutes. Since the original recipe didn't mention any specific setting in the microwave, I assumed it to be normal mode at full power and as per my MW settings it took me 6 and half minutes. [Toothpick or knife inserted in the centre should come out clean]

Once the cake is done allow it to cool. Now transfer the cake to a plate and decorate by sprinkling some icing sugar, choco chips and chocolate sauce. Slice and serve. 


  1. Hi Aparna,
    This looks too cool! with all readily available ingredients, and no chemicals (ya, except for the ones they added in the biscuts :)) I have to try this one. I hope to get my lazy bones moving and try this out soon :) Thanks!!

  2. (contd from my previous comment)...and more importantly, no oven!
    Thanks again!

  3. I tried this cake taste good the only concern it didn't rise that much and the flavour of lemon eno was little obvious.But actually a gud recipe for sweet craving

  4. @Anonymous : thanks
    @sundeep kd: thnks for the try and your feedback...since this is eggless and in regular microwave mode the cake wont rise so much. Secondly I have mentioned to use non flavored eno in the recipe above.

  5. @ the heavenly choir singing : u can use soda powder [soda bicarb] if u dont have eno

  6. It is sticking from bottom..i dont know y?

    1. @anonymous: sorry for such a late response, u will need to dust the pans in right way that would prevent from sticking at the bottom. please chk videos on youtube on how to prepare pans for baking

  7. Tried it a while ago! fantastic recipe :) tastes great and so instantly done :) pls share if there are more variants to this recipe.

    1. @Pushpa: Many thnks for ur feedback,,glad to know the results were a success with u,,, regarding variations I havent tried baking in microwave after this cake.. For past year and few mnths more baking is done in oven that comes with cooking range,,, surely would share if i try any variation in future.with above recipe

  8. So you mean that we have to find the perfect setting as per our microwave? ??