Wall Hanging Decor _ DIY Art with Carrom Coins

A big hello to you all from me who has been MIA for few months now. The break (which started with our vacation) got extended to fulfill some personal responsibilities, and all this meant regularly posting on the blog would take a back seat. Having moved into our new house few months back , getting organized was the priority. Once that was done I got my time assigned to do some creativity for blank walls and transform our house into cosy home. I love simple DIY decor projects. They are fun, they are affordable and lastly it gives us the freedom to add our own creativity.  Finished few of the DIY projects until now and I am happy with new look of our living room.. chic and creative! Immediately decided to share it on blog and grab this opportunity to get back on track. Hope you get inspired to add a beautiful touch of your own to the blank walls with this cool DIY project. 

Below is a simple DIY wall hanging project using carrom coins. You may use bottle caps or corks instead of carrom coins and go ahead with this art. 

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Mango Idlis/ Fruit-flavoured Steamed Sweet Idlis

Long back I had posted the recipe of Sweet fruit Idlis. Today's recipe is yet another sweet idli recipe prepared with mangoes. "Mango Idlis", ~ as you hear the name of this dish  - the first thing that will come to your mind : is it a snack or a dessert? Whatever it is believe me its such a delicious dish that you cannot stop yourself with eating just one.

After the preparation of Mango Lassi, I was left with some unused mango pulp. That's when the breakfast menu got planned as Mango Idlis. The recipe for this dish is same as Ponsa idlis/ Jackfruit idlis, a traditional monsoon delicacy which we konkani people prepare and enjoy with a dollop of home made butter or ghee The idea to use mango pulp instead of jackfruit pulp was mentioned by one of the foodie member in a food group few years back. So let's see how these idlis are prepared.

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Mango Lassi

There's nothing like a glass of chilled lassi when the intense heat of the sun during summer months causes exertion and rising temperatures torment us especially kids who are at a greater risk of dehydration. Here is the recipe of luscious refreshing lassi that will help your family to beat the heat, and stay hydrated for longer duration during such torturous times. I decided to add some mango pulp and make delicious mango lassi which is a must when we dine outside. While preparing this lassi I prefer to use frozen Alphonso mango pulp because the ones that are available in the area where I reside are costly, moreover they lack that firmness as well as distinctive aroma. If you are lucky to get fresh Alphonso mangoes then go ahead and use them to prepare the pulp in quantity as mentioned below and go ahead with the rest of the recipe.

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Goli Bajje/ Mangalore Bonda

Goli Bajje, a popular tea time snack from Dakshin Kannada district is also known by the name of Mangalore bonda.  They taste scrumptious with crispy outside and pillow-soft insides that you can't just stop at one. Every restaurant or small food stall in this region will serve this delicacy. So next time you visit Mangalore or around areas on a vacation do try this item from their menu. Until that time you can try the below recipe which I got from my aunty. Though made with maida and packed with calories due to deep frying, I prepare them for occasional indulgences or for special parties at my place. 

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Cucumber Salad/ Raita

Raita, a refreshing side dish is made with curd/yogurt and mixed with vegetables, fruits as per their availability. We love variety of raitas such as cucumber raita, tomato raita, carrot raita, beet raita at our home and I prepare it quite often. Below is an easy recipe of cucumber raita.

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