DIY Stone Art- Owlsome Stones ~ Part 3

In Sanskrit there is saying which talks about 14 Vidyas (Knowledge) and Chausashta (64) Kalas (Arts). And if you check that list it feels as if lifetime is not enough to learn and master these arts.. isn't it? 

Anyway, in continuation to my DIY stone art posts, its part 3 in this series and as promised in the previous post it is ahout "OWL"some stones. I was browsing through Etsy pages looking for some inspirations after Mandala Stones and I landed on this page. Do visit Sehnaz Bac 's page. I am sure you would end up saying "Damn these are just cutie owls of this world!" I ended up spending the rest of my time admiring her gorgeous artwork and getting inspired to try my hands at the earliest. If the same happens to you do not worry you are doing it right because

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time"
Thomas Merton

You will need some stones/pebbles, '0' size brush, acrylic colors, markers, varnish for final coat and a steady hand. Use stones/pebbles with a smooth surface. Before starting wash and dry the stones very well. Outline the design with a pencil on the stone. Fill in the background color and main body colors. Allow it to dry completely before you go ahead with details. You may check the DIY video posted below to know more about painting owls on stones. Its really fun activity and quite easy.

Fuel your imagination and creativity. Relax and enjoy as you try your hands at these stones

"If you are your authentic self you have no competition."
Scott Stratten

A video tutorial

  • Do no strain your eyes and back. So take rest at intervals as you proceed with the painting.
  • Make sure you use good lighting/ sit in well-lit room.
  • After the painting dries completely, apply a coat of varnish to seat the colors and make it waterproof as well as dust proof.
Happy creating!


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