Grilled Paneer Bhurji Sandwich

Sometimes leftovers can be used to create yummy dishes. Below is one such dish where I have used leftover paneer bhurji as stuffing for the sandwich. If you are paneer lover, you will surely love this cheesy grilled sandwich [makkhan marke]. It is an ideal option for breakfast or brunch that can be prepared easily especially when you have no time to plan for menu. Usually I prepare extra quantity of bhurji and refrigerate it so that I can make these grilled sandwiches later in the week. I have used multigrain bread here. You may use regular bread or whole wheat bread.

For Paneer bhurji recipe you can check my post here.

For sandwich


10-12 Bread slices 
1 cup of paneer bhurji 
Butter [I used salted variety]
Tomato Ketchup


Apply butter on one slice and spread the paneer bhurji mixture on buttered slice. Place another slice of bread [brushed with butter] on this and grill it for few minutes. Once done cut into triangles and serve it as it is or with tomato ketchup. [Instead of grilling you may toast it on pan flipping the sides until they turn golden brown].

Note: You can pack them in your kids tiffins as it is or with salad and they will love it.

Happy cooking!


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