Dulce De Leche ~ Pressure Cooker Method

I suddenly realized that I missed my blog's birthday on 12th of this month. Arrggh! This was bad but I guess that's the way things go as in my case it was bound to happen with the posts becoming irregular these days. There are truckload of excuses (:P) for my sporadic appearances over here but I promise not to bore you with those details. 

So the blog just turned two and looking back now it's amazing to see how blogging made me more knowledgeable, more confident and helped me grow as a cook as well. When I get to hear from friends and readers that just seeing the food photos on blog creates an appetite for them, this makes my heart soar with joy and when they tell me about trying a recipe from this space, I experience butterfly dance in my stomach. So a big hug and heartfelt thanks to everyone for visiting, liking and following this space. Getting appreciated for what we do is the greatest inspiration we can receive and I just love going through each personal messages, feedback posted here as well as on FB page. Hope you continue trying recipes from here and showering your love for this space again and again. I know I am few days late for this celebration but then I don't want to miss it. It's similar to how we postpone kids birthday party celebrations to a weekend that is convenient for us. 

A simple sweet treat for today and that is Dulce de leche [DDL]. For those who are confused what's Dulce de leche is or are totally unware of it then read about it here. We can prepare this sauce at home from basic ingredients like sugar and milk, but the traditional way of making it is time consuming. I never got a chance to taste this sauce that has been made in traditional way but most of the blogs mention about its delicious taste, guess patience and time are the two things that contributes to convert it into a yummy treat. All I did was carried this Dul- se- de leh cheh [as pronounced in South American Spanish] name stuck in my head, until I came across the fastest way to prepare it. Yes you read it right, there is an easy method that can help you prepare this tasty sauce and the cooking time is reduced considerably. I had read the pressure cooked DDL recipe on another blog but was scared to try due to the variation in cooker design and kept postponing it. Few months back when a member shared her DDL preparation in pressure cooker on  FB food groupCAL, I was still reluctant to go ahead.  Later, when many members from the foodgroup shared their success stories, I dared to make an attempt. Unsure of how safe the method was, I followed the instructions precisely and you can see the results in the pics.

The silky smooth texture of the sauce and I was tempted to taste it immediately right from the can. Super delicious with caramel flavor I felt the taste resembling the taste of Dharwad pedhas that we get in India. I made this sauce few more times after the first attempt and used it for banoffie pie, milkshakes. I also used it as spread on chappatis and kids just loved it. You can pair it with cakes, icecreams, puddings,etc. the options for its use are endless. 

So lets see the fastest way of making this delicious DDL . Do try and and let me know how you used this creamy sauce. 


sealed can of condensed milk

1 pressure cooker, 5 litre 


Fill the pressure cooker more than halfway with water. Take the can of condensed milk, remove the paper label and then place it in the water (room temperature). [ Do take care to see that the can remains sealed only]. The can should be immersed in water fully. [ Level of water should be 1 inch above the can]. check the below pic. 

Cover the cooker with its lid, put the weight [whistle] and place it on high heat. Pressure cook for one whistle. After one whistle, lower the heat and cook it further on low flame for 30 mins [Do not remove the whistle from the lid] . Switch off the flame and allow the cooker to cool on its own. Once the pressure is released, open the cooker and carefully take out the can outside [be careful, the can may be hot]. I know you would be eager to open it, but WAIT. Keep on kitchen counter-top to cool overnight. Next day open it and use the sauce. The unused portion you can transfer to a clean bottle and store in the fridge for later use.


  • Do not try to open the cooker as well as can when hot as it could be dangerous. Allow it to cool down completely.
  • Do not try to release the pressure from cooker in a hurry
  • Do not place the cooker under running water after switching off the flame. 
- Depending on the cooking time, the color of the DDL sauce will change as well as the consistency. Cook for shorter time if you want it as thinner sauce and light coloured and cook for longer time if you want the sauce to be thicker consistency and dark coloured
- Refrigerate the sauce for longer shelf life.

Happy Cooking!


  1. really great post!! will try it soon

  2. That is so easy. Didn't imagine it to be that simple process.... I am going to try the Dharwad Peda now...

  3. I m bit scared to try this Method