Tendle Talasan

When I was a kid always used to hear [now I know its a myth] "masta tendle khaunu jeeb daata and matte kumbh jatta" which means the kid will have a slurred speech and difficulty in learning making them dull headed if this veggie is consumed in large amounts. Ha ha surely a myth as till now the diminishing intellectual effects are not seen inspite of enjoying this dish since my childhood :) ... I love this stirfry so much to the extent that my mouth is watering while I am drafting the recipe to share with you. Yet another garlic lovers delight and very very easy to prepare. Previously, I had posted Tendle butti and was wondering how did I miss posting talasani. That's because whenever this stir fry is prepared the quantity gets reduced after cooking and is finished in no time. This dish is infact our family favourite. A simple stirfry from amchi cuisine is prepared using coconut oil and seasoned with basic ingredients. They taste best when we use small and green ivygourds instead of ripe ones. My mom has kept a special stone in her kitchen used exclusively for crushing/smashing this veggie [tendle dhaddoche]. You can crush this veggie with mortar pestleI don't have a stone, so the crushing part is done with Indian kitchen pincer/pakad/sansi. Don't forget to add lots garlic in the seasoning which will enhance the taste of this dish and you will enjoy it even with plain rice and milk.


2 cups ivygourds/gherkins ( tendle), washed cleaned and crushed
Garlic  12-15  garlic cloves, since we love garlic flavor I use more than this.
1-2 red chillies
1-2 tbsp coconut oil


Wash, clean the ivy gourds. Cut the ends and crush them one by one with stone or mortar pestle. I use the pincer as mentioned above. [If you don't have time to do it one by one, put the gherkins in ziplock bag and smash it with rolling pin/stone/pestle]. Peel the garlic pods and crush them too with stone or in pestle mortar. 

Heat coconut oil in a pan. Add dried red chillies and crushed garlic. Saute it on medium flame till it gets golden brown color. Next add crushed veggie. Fry them for a while and continue cooking. Cover the pan and cook on sim flame, stirring intermittently until done. Do not add water at all. Once cooked add salt to taste and mix well. Switch off the flame and enjoy it with plain rice and milk.

Note: If you don't love garlic follow the same method and use mustard seeds, red chillies and asafoetida in the seasoning.

Happy Cooking!!!