Its a 2nd Monday of this month and here I am having my guest on Flavors and Colors. Did you all realize that I posted my previous guest posts for Jan and Feb on Mondays in the second week of the month. I thought to continue with same pattern. Today with this 3rd session, its my dear friend Priya R Shenoy who is always cheerful, bubbly and very enthusiastic person. I got to know her [again no guesses here], through a food group. A real FOODIE [hope Priya doesn't pinch me for that mention in caps;)]. She is an expert in North Kerala cuisine. Having said that, she also enjoys trying out various recipes from other cuisines and comes out with mouthwatering dishes. With her keen interest, she manages to cook many dishes in a day and so has been nicknamed as "Express Queen" in our group. Today she shares the recipe of dish which she loves and is her speciality.This is what Priya had to say in her words -

I am so happy today to do this guest post. Excited, this being a new experience for me and bit nervous too bcoz it's Appu's blog Flavors and Colors. We follow her blog regularly and I have tried so many recipes from here. So when she recently asked to write a guest post here it was nothing less than any oscar for me. Thank you so much dear for this opportunity and honour! 

About me, I am a housewife, mother of two cute kids, now settled in Trivandrum. Being born and brought up in Kanhangad (North Kerala), naturally my love towards Kerala cuisine is huge and all my recipes and taste is largely influenced by this cuisine. 

Today I share the recipe of a dish " Koottucurry or Erishery" from North Kerala, to be specific from Kanhangad. It is a side dish served with rice and a must curry for every malayali feast. This dish is very close to my heart, because from my childhood days I always loved this curry and now it's a favourite one of my hubby too :). The unique combination of black chana, raw banana [preferably the kerala plaintain) and yam makes this dish tastes heavenly. 

So here goes the recipe.


1 cup black chana /black chickpea
2 raw banana [preferably the Kerala plaintain. If its not available you can use any type of raw banana]
1/4 kg yam
3/4 - 1 cup grated coconut
4-6 whole red chillies
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp pepper
1 garlic clove [optional]

For seasoning
Mustard seeds
Cumin seeds
Curry leaves


Soak the chana for 8 hours and then pressure cook. Grind the coconut, red chillies, cumin seeds, pepper and garlic into a smooth paste. Keep it aside.

Cut the raw bananas [with the skin] and the yam [peeled] into small cubes. Now cook the vegetables in a large pan adding sufficient water. When they are almost cooked add the cooked chana and salt to it. Next add the ground paste and mix it nicely. Cook further and let it boil nicely. Once you get the desired thick consistency switch off the flame.

Heat oil in another pan. Add mustard seeds and as they pop add cumin seeds and curry leaves to it. Stir for few secs and pour this seasoning in the curry . Cover the vessel with lod. Serve it hot with rice and relish it. So friends, hope u try and enjoy the taste of Kerala :)

Thanks appu for this lovely opportunity !

Priya, I salute you for the enthusiasm you show and the passion you nurture [being a mom myself to two kids, I very well can imagine the situation and know how difficult it is to do so]  Thanks to you for taking your time and visiting Flavors and Colors. 

Happy Cooking !