Awards and Prizes

Today's post is about awards and prizes... I had no plans of writing this post, but when I was nominated twice for Leibster award, I took some time and here I am accepting the same and thats why the post :)

I received the nomination from Tanya D of easyandsimplefoods almost 10 days back. Since I was new to blogging didn't know exactly what I was supposed to do. While going through her post and few more research on this award, I was nominated once again by Remya of Remmy's Kitchen.  Thanks to both of you

As I read through got to know the purpose of this award which welcomes new bloggers to the world of blogosphere and helps giving them public recognition. [Check the logo that mentions to discover new blogs]. I was happy to receive the nominations for this award twice that too in a week's time. It's a good idea to get introduced and get to know each other.

Here are the things that you do when you receive the award:
  • Blog about the award in your space
  • Add award logo in your post
  • Thank the blogger who nominated and link back the blogger in your post
  • Answer the questions asked by the blogger
  • Nominate 10 -15 bloggers who have less than 200 followers
  • Frame new questions for nominees and inform them to collect the award from your blog by leaving a comment in their blog or wherever u can connect with them.

So now back to answers to the questions framed by Tanya D.

1.Who is your favourite Chef?
Presently I have many on list, but its the words of Chef Sanjeev Kapoor from his cookery shows those days on TV passing the message  "Aap khud bhi banayein aur doosron ko bhi khilyaein" that I would like to follow forever :)

2. What vegetarian menu you like to cook when you invite guest for dinner?
Its the amchi/konkani cuisine

3. Mention one funny disaster you made at kitchen?
Making the tea as sweet as basundi :P 

4. What was your successful recipe that made your spouse to say " Best than my mom's preparation"?
Yet long way to reach there, as I began my actual cooking after I completed my post-graduation studies.

5. While cooking do you need music?
Being a art lover person, I love music and wouldn't mind if its playing in the background while cooking.

6. Before starting to blog, did you had the habit of clicking your food plates?

7. Which dish you like from my blog [provide link]

8. According to you what is the best part and worst part in cooking?
Best part is creating any recipe with love and innovating few recipes. Worst part is cleaning vessels.

9. You prefer you dishes to be healthy or tasty?
They are two sides of a coin of cooking and so I try to take care of the whole coin while preparing the dish.

10. Which restaurant you visit frequently? mention the most fav restaurant dish.
 Since we prefer home made food, restaurant visit is very rare. And when it happens mostly its the Arabic restaurant here and fav dish is "Falafel sandwich "

Now here are my nominees not in any particular order

and their questions ~
  1. What/Who inspired you to cook and at what age?
  2. Your first recipe that was appreciated by dear ones
  3. Any dish that has seen repeated failures and you are discouraged to try it in future
  4. A kitchen tip that you would like to share
  5. Do you make grocery shopping list or its as and when required list
  6. Your motivation to start the blog
  7. Things that changed after you started blogging
  8. Food Presentation or Food taste ? 
  9. Two photographs that you felt best on my space [provide link]
  10. A recipe that you felt unique on my space and would like to try in future [provide link]
Thanks once again !

I also would like to add to this post the award /prize that I had received in previous months and thank the host which I had not mentioned here previously.

First award for "Best Photographed Recipe" for "Masala Pav"

and prize for the recipe of Raw Mango Kadhi winning "C'mmon Chefs cook up some Soups/Breads" event


  1. thanks a lot for nominating me dear. Will do the needful.

  2. Congratz Aparna,and thanks a lot for nominating me.Will do my post soon :)

  3. intersting answers aparna :) thanks for posting it :)