Layered Panna Cotta topped with Pistachio Praline

I have fallen in love with pannacotta and feel like eating them again and again. This time I was keen on experimenting it with two flavors at one time and so went ahead with mango and chocolate flavors [These ingredients were available at my place ]. You can try any other flavor of your choice like strawberry, peach, avocado, vanilla,etc by using respective purée/ essence.

Mango and Chocolate Panna Cotta


Thick cream 270 gms [You can take a pack of 250 gms for convenience]
Milk 6 tbsp
Sugar 3 tbsp
Agar agar 1 1/2 tbsp
Water enough to soak the agar agar flakes 
Cocoa powder 1 1/2 tbsp [The quantity may change according to the brand that you use]
Mango purée  5 tbsp [You may increase or decrease the quantity, I had used storebought puree]
Oil to grease the mould


Soak half the quantity of agar agar (china grass) flakes in enough water for 7-8 minutes. Drain the water. Add fresh water and keep it on medium flame. Stir at regular intervals till the flakes get dissolved completely. [done as per the instructions on my packet]... [If you see some some agar agar not dissolved after some time, better to strain the water before mixing into the cream mixture.]

Meanwhile mix milk, thick cream, sugar and allow it to boil. Switch off the flame. Divide the mixture into two parts. Take one part in a bowl and add the dissolved agar agar [or strained water] and the mango purée . Whisk it well and pour it evenly into the greased moulds. Referigerate until set. 

Boil the remaining quantity of agar agar till they dissolve completely, add this and cocoa powder to the 2nd part of milk cream mixture and stir it well. Pour this mixture over the set mango jelly and refrigerate it until set. I kept for 4 hours.

[For vice versa layers, you can pour in the cocoa cream mixture first into mould, once set top it with mango cream mixture and refrigerate until set.]

Take the moulds outside, turn the panna cotta over the serving plates. If you find difficult then dip the moulds for few seconds in hot water and try again.

Garnish it with pistachio pralines and serve chilled to beat the heat !!!

Pistachio pralines


Chopped pistachios 1 tbsp
Caster sugar 25 gms
Water 1 tbsp

Spread pistachios evenly on a baking tray lined with aluminium foil. 
Heat sugar with 1 tbsp of water over low flame. Stir it until the sugar gets completely dissolved. Bring to boil [ on low flame itself] and continue cooking without stirring. The syrup will start to caramelise and will change its color. Keep an eye on the color change and switch off the flame once the syrup gets the golden color. 

Switch off the flame, let the bubbles subside, then pour it carefully on the pistachios. Keep it aside to cool and become hard. Once hard, break/crush the praline pieces.

Note: If you consume gelatin, you can substitute agar agar with gelatin.
Instead of pistachio pralines you can garnish the dessert with fresh mango pieces and chocolate shavings/curls.


  1. vidyanayakshenoy3/25/13, 6:27 AM

    Fantastic.. had seen so many posts on Panna Cotta.. now this post has given me enough strength to try it on..:)

  2. Thanks Vidya Nayak Shenoy...Hope u attempted these tasty pannacottas and liked it

  3. Thnks Sai,,, yes indeed they are tempting ,,,right now while typing my comment i m tempted to prepare them again :P

  4. It looks fab..before plunging into it just wanted to mean agar agar Tbsp or tsp?

    1. thnks Kavita... i had used agar agar flakes and about one and half tbsp ,,, if u re using powder than the measurement would change as per the packet instructions .. hope i clarified ur doubt

  5. Thick milk means half and half?