Gharge [also known as gharya] are sweet pumpkin puris. It is a traditional recipe of Maharashtra prepared from red pumpkin, rawa, rice flour. Here, I have tweaked the recipe and used sweet potato in place of red pumpkin and wheat flour in place of rice flour.

Recipe source: adapted from Bhatukli


Sweet potato grated -1 cup [You may use red pumpkin itself]
Jaggery  1 cup [you can increase/ decrease the quantity as per your needs].
Wheat flour 3/4 cup
Fine rawa 1/4 cup
Salt for taste
Oil for frying

Wash sweet potato, remove the skin and grate it. Measure the amount of grated sweet potato. Heat ghee in a pan and add grated sweet potato saute it on low heat for few minutes. Add powdered jaggery and give a mix. Cook until the moisture evaporates. Switch off the flame. When mixture cools down a little bit, add wheat flour, rawa and salt and make a dough of it. Knead well to make a firm dough. Cover the dough and let it rest for 15 minutes.

Make small balls from this dough and roll them out into small puris. Deep fry these in hot oil until golden brown. If lucky enough they might fluff up. [Mine didn't puff up but the taste was yummmmm]. Drain them on kitchen towel. You can eat them immediately or store them in a container for a week.

Happy cooking !


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