Food Creativity

Some of my food creations I did few months back.

Fruit salad with vanilla ice-cream

A creative dessert here with fruit salad and vanilla ice-cream. Fruits used are blueberries, black dried prunes, watermelon chunks, cherries, peaches, banana and green grapes. 

I presented this dish based on theme of Olympics 2012 held in London. Olympics logo for basket ball sports made from banan slices, peach slice and prunes. 
Olympic rings made from ice-cream cone baskets filled with respective colored fruits.

Vegetable Salad

Smoky eggplant, tomatoes, corn, black olives, grilled capsicum tossed in olive oil and drizzled with Italian dressing.

You can see the Olympic fever continued to present this dish too.
Logo for an archer and target prepared from bread slice, grated carrot, black olives, eggplant pieces, chopped tomato, corn kernel

Capsicum Cheese Carrot Sandwich

A slice of toasted bread with sauted capsicum onion mix and cheese, later topped with shredded carrot, black olives, tomato slice, and lemon wedge.
The above sandwich was designed to look like Mr. Clown. 

Tomato  Carrot Soup

Ingredients used to prepare the above soup has been plated in a way to welcome the new beginning, new year 2013 amid chilly weather.

Hope you enjoyed above creations !!!

Note: I will be updating this space with more similar creations

Happy Creations!!!


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