Brinjal/ Vaingana Sagle

A konkani version of stuffed brinjals is Vaingana sagle. This traditional side dish goes well with rice and dalitoy or chappatis. Preferrably to use small size purple brinjals but if you can get hold of Gulla/green brinjals from the udupi region then you can use them and the dish would be called as gulla sagle. Below is the recipe mentioned by Jaya V. Shenoy in her book titled "Dakshin Bharath dishes"


12 brinjals small ones,

8-10 red chillies, I have used byadgi +Kashmiri ones.
2 tsp coriander seeds 
1/2 tsp methi/fenugreek seeds 
1 cup grated coconut 
1/4 cup of grated jaggery. (I sometimes use more than 1/4 cup as we love it spicy sweet taste of this dish. You may adjust the quantity as per your preference)
Marble sized tamarind

For seasoning
1 tbsp coconut oil
1/2 tsp mustard seeds,
12-15 curry leaves


Wash, remove stalk and cut the brinjals 4 slits lengthwise. 

Massollu/ Masala paste for stuffing : Roast red chillies, coriander seeds, methi seeds. Allow it to cool down. Grind the coconut, red chilies, tamarind, jaggery without using water. When the masala paste is ready add roasted coriander seeds and methi seeds and grind for some more time.

Stuff the slit brinjals with this massollu and place them on a plate. Keep the extra massollu aside. Take a pan, heat oil and prepare seasoning with mustard and curry leaves. When the seeds splutter drop the stuffed brinjals into the seasoning gently and spread the excess massollu over them. Cover the pan let it cook on low flame. Open lid in between and turn them over to prevent sticking. Add drops of water if it dries out and starts sticking the pan. You can take the water that is used to wash the mixie grinder. When brinjals become soft remove them from flame and enjoy with hot rice or chappatis.

Happy Cooking !


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