Angry Bird Idlis

IDLIS disguised as angry birds that will fascinate our kids to eat them. 

Myself, never played this game of angry birds and so wasn't aware of this character. "A" [elder son] neither played it but then he was aware of the character and used to get very excited as he saw them in pics/posters/ t shirts/ shoe designs ... I decided to find about them via google search. While browsing for their pics, I came across a cute creation of various angry bird characters made out of eggs. 

I wanted to create something similar to surprise my son. I adapted the idea and created as per availability of the ingredients in my kitchen.

Idlis is what came to my mind to use for this creation in place of eggs. 

Make idlis from idli batter. 

Rest all is decoration. Four characters made from idlis
  • White idli, 
  • Tomato sauce spread on 2nd one, 
  • Green idli [added palak puree to give the green color]...U can also spread green chutney on idli instead of adding palak puree
  • Saffron milk spread on 4th one to give that yellow color.
Topped with olives, cheese slices, [used to make eyes and eyebrows], sliced olives and tomato slices [feathers], carrot pieces [for beaks] , grapes [ears].

Carrot sticks, swiss rolls [ u can use  waffles] green chutney have been used to give fence look on the plate.

14th November being celebrated as Children's day in India would take this opportunity to wish all the kids HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY through this post

Never imagined that this preparation and presentation would give me so much praise and love from my friends and fellow members in food groups on Facebook. After getting n number of likes and appreciation my reaction was no different than my son ... EUPHORIC

Hope kids gonna love these idlis and attack them like hungry [not angry] birds from their plates. This idea would work like wonders for kids party. Servings portions will depend on the size of idlis and also no. of other snacks/goodies at the party.

Sending this post as an entry to "Kids Delight -Party Ideas" event hosted by Kalyani and event by Srivalli 

See you soon in my next post,,, till then ...
Happy Cooking!