Microwave Kalakand ~ A Sweet Beginning to Year 2015

A super quick recipe, this is adapted from recipe by Hetal and Anuja of SMC. I made minimal additions and followed their recipe and begin the new year on a sweet note.


500 gms ricotta cheese
396 gms condensed milk
Cardamom powder/ essence
Chopped nuts - Almonds, pista for garnish


Mix the ricotta cheese and condensed milk in microwave safe vessel. I used wire whisk to remove the lumps and uniformly blend the mixture. Cook in microwave for 5 mins uncovered. After the said time, take it out, stir well and scrape the edges. Put the vessel back and mw it for 3 mins, uncovered. Take the vessel out and stir it well. Scrape the sides and loosen the edges. Microwave for 2 mins covered . Take it out and mix. Microwave for 2 mins cross covered. Take it out and mix, be careful while you handle the mixture as it will be very hot. Add cardamom essence or powder. 

Microwave for 6 mins, uncovered and mixing at regular interval of 2 mins. By now the mixture gets a grainy texture. Sprinkle with chopped pista and almond silvers. Level the surface with wooden spatula/ back of spoon and refrigerate for an hour. Cut into desired shapes and serve chilled.

May this day be the start of a wonderful year ahead!


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