Bread Pizza Bites/ Bread Pizza

Breads can be a lifesaver for most of the times. A handy ingredient, pick up at anytime of day and there are numerous dishes that you can prepare from it to serve either for breakfast or evening tea time snacks. I had posted Bread usli recipe. Today it's pizza. Pizza is a dish mostly liked by baccha [kids] team and here its made with bread slice as its base.

Pizza bites - name itself should hint you that they are the mini version of bread pizza. The base if coin shaped bread disc topped with vegetables of your choice and cheese. This is what I prepared last week as a fun treat for kids while watching a movie. They loved it and are looking forward to such fun treats regularly :D


Bread slices - I used cookie cutter on 5 slices to get round shape discs [check below pic with cookie cutter], remaining 3 slices I used them uncut. 
2-3 tbsp butter
1/2 cup Pizza sauce/ Pasta sauce/ Tomato ketchup [ I have used Pasta sauce]
Vegetables of your choice [I use finely chopped red capsicum, green capsicum, tomato, onion, sweet corn kernels]
1/2 cup mozarella cheese, grated

Garnish [optional]
Italian seasoning 
Red chilli flakes


Place the bread slices on cutting board and use cookie cutter or lid with sharp edge to cut rounds from the slices. [Keep aside the edges or remains of bread. You may use them as mentioned in this recipe here]. 

Apply butter and spread sauce or ketchup evenly. Place the vegetable mixture on each bread disc/slice.

Preheat the oven at 180 deg C for 5-8 mins. Top each disc/slice with grated mozarella cheese. Arrange them on baking tray lined with parchment paper and bake it until cheese melts. Once done serve it with ketchup. 

I repeated the above steps with other uncut slices. Once out of oven, sprinkle Italian seasoning and/or chilli flakes and serve it warm with ketchup

Happy cooking!


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