Magge Surnali/ Surnoli ~ Yellow Cucumber Rice Pancakes

Surnalis are cottony soft, dimpled dosas with a texture similar to pancakes. Traditionally served with butter or ghee, it tastes heavenly and a favourite of kids in most of the GSB families. Addition of jaggery to the batter and the dosa prepared from this batter is called as Godda Surnali [sweet dosa]. If jaggery is excluded, then the dosas are known as Cheppi Surnalis [bland dosas]. Presenting to you here today are the sweet ones.

Below recipe is an adapted version of my aunt's recipe for this dosa. Here I have added yellow cucumber/managalore cucumber that adds the essence to the dosa and enhance the taste. You may substitute mangalore cucumber with normal cucumbers or ashgourd or watermelon rind. I prepare them either plain [the recipe is bit different] or with preferred essence by adding the above mentioned vegetables/fruit pieces as per their availability. 

Kids are very happy when surnalis are packed in their lunch boxes and its even more nice to hear when they come home and tell me they shared them with their friends and everybody liked it. So lets check the recipe below of Magge Surnali [Rice pancakes made with mangalore cucumber]


2 cups dosa rice
1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds
1/2 cup grated fresh coconut
Fistful of puffed rice (Kurmura) 
1 cup jaggery, grated [ adjust as per your taste]
1/4  - 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
salt to taste
1 cup mangalore cucumber/yellow cucumber, diced into small cubes or grated [The water content of this ingredient helps while grinding the batter, so take care to add water gradually little by little while grinding the batter]


Wash and soak rice in just enough water with 1/2 tsp of fenugreek seeds for 4-6 hours.

Mix rice with coconut and cucumber pieces. Grind the ingredients in portions to smooth thick paste. Add soaked water little by little while grinding the batter [if required]. Add salt, turmeric powder and grated jaggery to this paste. Mix well. The consistency of batter for this dosa is thick than usual dosa batter, so take care that it does not become watery. Keep it aside and allow it to ferment overnight. Next day morning you should see an increase in the volume of the batter.

Heat a nonstick pan. Reduce the flame. Pour a laddle full of batter and don't spread as you would do for the normal dosa. Allow the batter to take a round shape on its own. Once you start seeing the holes/dimples appear on the surface of dosa now cover the pan with lid. 

Fry only on one side. Treat yourself with this hot delicious fluffy surnalis/surnolis topped with dollop of butter.

I have used the central pith and seeds of ashgourd while preparing surnalis instead of mangalore cucumber in the pic that you see below]


  • Addition of popped rice [Layyi] instead of puffed rice gives similar results
  • Closing the pan while preparing dosas is very important, this ensures evenly cooking of surnalis.
  • Next time you bring those veggies like mangalore cucumber or ashgourd to prepare a curry or sidedish, don't throw away the inner pith and seeds, keep them aside and you can use them while grinding the batter and prepare surnalis.
  • You may also add watermelon rind or cucumber to make this dosa
  • In case you don't see increase in volume of batter the next day[usually this happens during winter season], then you may add 1/2 tsp of soda before making these dosas, this will help in getting soft fluffy dosas.
[I get so excited to see the texture of surnalis with so many pores on their surface everytime I make them and that's why you see photos above from preparations at different times]

Sending this recipe for contest event Kids Lunch Box recipes organized by IndusLadies Partners

Happy Cooking!


  1. Lovely recipe, Aparna. I want to try this soon...What type of jaggery do you use?

    1. @Reena ,,I have used normal jaggery, rectangular blocks that comes in packets here

  2. looks nice. We prepare in the same way.. Love it