Rawa Undo/ Semolina Laddoos with Sugar Syrup

We were done with our annual vacation for this year and with schools reopening 10 days back, attending my cousin's [sister] marriage back in India was next to impossible. Though very excited on hearing this good news I was feeling sad that we will be missing it. All relatives were excited to meet once again during her wedding ceremony [after my son's thread ceremony function] and each one of them noting their plans to make it memorable for her and her family, filled with fun and joyous moments. 

Physically we were miles away from the function venue but all my mind this time was imagining the loving atmosphere that gets created during different marriage rituals which brings in families and friends together. Sitting here I managed to give a ring and talk to few family members except my sis as she was in middle of prewedding rituals. After the phone call, opened the sweet box placed on dining table to find a lonely rawa laddoo staring at me. Picked and popped into mouth as shaadi ka laddoo [ had prepared some rawa laddoos few days back]

The below post is dedicated to my sweet lil sis, the soon to be beautiful bride in few hours time today. All our blessings and here's wishing the couple

"As you begin your life together
May each new day find your hearts a little closer 
May you achieve the best that life can offer"

Wishing you both a lifetime of everlasting love and happiness !!!

Making rawa laddoos and there are many ways. Some sprinkle warm milk to bind, some use more of ghee, some add dessicated coconut, some add camphor. But I was looking for recipe that uses sugar syrup, no coconut and less ghee. Working with sugar syrup solution is a tricky job. The last time I prepared sugar syrup, it was almost 10 months back for Pista fudge. So you see out of practice, but I still decided to go ahead with my memory and kept the confidence that I can do it. All over internet when I browsed through the recipes, it mentioned one string consistency where as the recipe shared by my friend JB was 1/2 thread consistency. According to her getting 1/2 thread consistency is very important step if you prefer to get soft laddoos. I began with thought of preparing soft laddoos and initiated the procedure following her recipe. But I guess I miscalculated the time to switch off the flame. It had passed 1/2 thread stage and may be nearing 1 thread consistency. The laddoos didn't turn out soft. But they were neither hard as stone :D. I shared these laddoos with few friends and they liked them. We enjoyed eating them popping one into our mouths every time we came across the sweet box on our dining table and the laddoos are gone, the box empty ! 


3 cups fine rawa/ semolina
1 and 1/4 cup  water
3 cups sugar 
Elaichi/Cardamom powder
Chopped nuts [of your choice, I have used cashews, almonds, chironji]
3 tbsp ghee


Heat ghee in heavy bottomed vessel/ nonstick pan. Roast nuts and raisins and keep them aside. Roast rawa in the same vessel/pan on low flame and roast it until it emits a nice aroma. [about 5-6 mins]. Switch off the flame and keep the roasted rawa aside.

In another pan mix sugar and water [water just enough to cover the sugar] and heat it on low flame to prepare sugar syrup. Keep stirring and switch off the flame before it reaches one thread consistency. Add elaichi/cardamom powder and saffron. Next add roasted rawa and roasted nuts +raisins. Mix in well, it may look like a mess. But don't worry just cover the vessel for some time. The mixture will cool down and the consistency will be similar to that of dried upma. Crumble the mass and then start binding the laddoos. Continue until you finish the mixture. Store in air tight containers. 

Happy cooking!

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  1. These sound so good! They remind me of one of my favorite Christmas cookies. So sorry you didn't get to attend your sister's wedding, I'm sure she knew you where there in spirit.