Sabudana / Sago Dosa

The inspiration to make these dosas has been KSC cookbook, where the recipe is shared by Asha aunty. This time instead of trying the same proportions as mentioned in the book, I dared to try it with altered quantity as well as ratio of ingredients. Actual recipe mentioned about split urad dal where as I had whole white urad dal that too less quantity. I decided to go ahead using them [from my previous attempt at making idlis using whole white urad dal here]. Keeping the quantity of rice same as mentioned in recipe, I reduced the quantity for rest of the ingredients i.e whole white urad dal, poha and sabudana. All the time kept thinking what if the dosa batter failed to ferment and my heart would miss a beat imagining about flop dosas. After enough soaking time and grinding, I anxiously waited, keeping a watch for the batter to rise. Next day the batter fermented very nicely and I saw it had touched the the brim of the vessel, mann hi mann I was euphoric. I started making dosas one by one and they turned out soft like cotton. Every time I poured a ladle full of batter, the sizzling noise of batter on hot griddle and kids would be excited to see so many holes appearing on the dosa surface. They preferred to stand behind me trying to find out what magic I was doing to get such porous texture [with holes] for these dosas [innocent minds you see]. I continued making the dosas and my family thoroughly enjoyed eating it with dal.

While discussing with aunty about how the dosas turned out spongy and soft inspite of changing the ratios, we finally came to a conclusion that for success of recipe its not just measurement / ratios but we also need to take into account the size, type, quality of an ingredient. Last weekend I prepared them again exactly the same way as I did in my previous attempt, using the same ingredients and similar proportions. They were perfect once again as you see in the below picture. Here is my version for  sabudana dosa.

3 cups dosa rice
3/4 cup whole white urad dal [see in the below pic]
3/4  cup sabudana [see in the below pic]
3/4 cup poha of medium thickness [see in the below pic]
1 tsp methi seeds
Oil for roasting
Salt as per taste

I have posted the below pic of the the ingredients to give you an idea of sabudana, poha and whole white urad dal that I used while making this dosa.


Wash and soak rice for 4-5 hours. Wash and soak whole white urad dal, sabudana and poha separately in enough water for 2-3 hours. Add 1 tsp of methi/ fenugreek seeds to urad dal while soaking. After enough soaking, d
rain the water and keep it aside. You can use this water little by little as required while grinding. 

Grind urad dal to fine paste. Take it in a vessel and keep aside. Go ahead with grinding sabudana and poha together to smooth paste. Mix the paste to urad dal batter in vessel. Next grind rice to fine paste. Mix it with batter in the vessel. Add salt to the batter. Leave it in warm place and allow it to ferment overnight.

Next morning, beat the batter thoroughly to incorporate air. Heat the dosa griddle/ non stick tawa on high flame. Once it is hot, reduce the flame to medium and pour a laddle full of batter on it. Do not spread the batter. Wait till you start seeing the pores appearing on the dosa surface. Spoon oil around the polo, cover with lid and cook on medium flame until done. Do not flip this dosa. Serve them hot with accompaniment of your choice.

~ You can serve them lined up on serving platter or stacked one on another. The light brownish color seen on the dosa surface in the above pic is because initially I had stacked them while clicking the photos.
~ You see photos from both attempts of mine

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  1. dosa looks very soft and spongy.

  2. thats a new 1 fr me .. will try out some time

    1. Smitha Yes this dosa is not commonly known,,, The above recipe was my attempt with altered ratio,,,, original recipe you can find on KKAJ blog too

  3. Very spongy dosas, simply inviting..

  4. Thnks Priya,,,, @nandoos kitchen .. happy to see ur lovely encouraging comments

  5. nice recipe. looks delicious.

  6. What is dosa rice? Is it a specific kind of rice that is labeled as such at stores or do younmake a powder of your regular rice?