Oats Brown Bread Utthapam

Do you remember seeing a glimpse of these utthapams in my post here

I could not keep its recipe waiting in draft for long and as promised sharing it today. Thanks to AP who had posted them first on a food group and all my other friends who with their preparation inspired me to try it. The original recipe mentions to use bread slices instead I have used bread edges which are left out after making a sandwich. Till date I have been using the left over bread edges as a tea snack [for myself] or make crumbs from them, but the below recipe is such a wonderful option of converting them into healthy breakfast/ snack dish with a cup of tea and I was pleased very much with the results .


1 cup of bread crumbs/ powder [ I used edges of 10 brown bread slices that were old by a day and dry grind it to get the powder]
1/4 cup oats, powdered
1 tbsp red rice flour [You may use regular rice flour]
1/4 cup tbsp rava/ semolina
1 cup thick buttermilk
1/2 tsp jeera
1/2 tsp eno/ soda
Water as required
salt to taste

For toppings
Finely chopped green chilies
Finely chopped spring onions
Finely chopped Tomatoes
Sweet corn
Grated carrot
Finely chopped coriander leaves
Cheese grated


Take the bread powder and oats powder in a bowl. Add rice flour, semolina to it, mix in buttermilk or curd. Mix it well and adjust the consistency to dosa batter by adding sufficient quantity of water. Add salt to taste, [I added 2 tsp of sugar too], cumin seeds and soda. Mix everything nicely into a smooth batter. Meanwhile clean and chop the ingredients mentioned under toppings. The quantity of the ingredients for topping may be decided as per your requirement/liking.

Heat the dosa griddle and pour a ladle full of batter and spread it into mini sized discs. Simmer the flame. Sprinkle the toppings mixture and drizzle some oil around it. Press the topping with spatula. Cook it until the base gets done and then flip onto other side. Keep for a minute and serve them hot as it is or with some accompaniment of your choice.  You can also add some grated cheese on these hot utthapams just before serving. 

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  1. thanks Aparna for linking to the Kid's lunch series event. these oats brown bread uthappams are really innovative. they look super yummy too

  2. An aunt would make a pudding with the crusts. It was yummy. These look good too

  3. this is absolutely gorgeous..bookmaeked..defintiely worth a try..thanks for sharing..