A ray of hope with 100th post

Woohoo ,,, hitting my 100th post. Feels great to achieve this milestonthat too in less than 8 months time :-D. The day when I thought of creating url for my blog, I was bit hesitant to initiate these efforts with many questions in mind.. would I be able to really come here and post? with so many blogs floating on internet will readers take interest to come here and read the recipes? will I be able to manage the techie side of blogging???? and many more similar questions ... but then hope was only thing with which I began on this journey.

Hope, like the gleaming taper’s light,
Adorns and cheers our way;
And still, as darker grows the night, Emits a brighter ray.  
~Oliver Goldsmith

Keeping up with the posts regularly on this space was a challenge for me due to my work schedules and managing two kids at home. But things moved on with the support that I received from all of them,,, my hubby, kids and all you dear friends. Many thanks to all of you for showering your love and encouraging with lovely comments that makes me turn to this space again and again. 

Today's post once again emerges as a ray of hope to continue my culinary as well as photography work with growing interest and dedication and hundreds of more blog-posts in future, obviously with all your motivation. Celebrating this milestone with a virtual treat for all of you and that's Strawberry Shrikhand. 

Shrikhand is a dessert which can be easily prepared from home prepared curd. I have not been successful to prepare curd at home and since we get shrikhand in packed containers [Amul brand] over here, I never felt the need [rather thought] of attempting it at home. 

When my friends staying outside India shared their recipes to prepare this dessert at home, I was taken back in time remembering the days when my mom used to prepare chakka [hung curd] for this purpose especially on festive occasions.  Home made curd placed in muslin cloth was suspended in air, the corners of the cloth tied to a tap over the sink or cabinet handle over a large bowl, and left overnight only to get thick curd cheese which was later turned into finger licking yummylicious cardamom flavored shrikhand. With an urge to prepare it at home, I thought of recreating this dessert. The yogurt that I used to prepare the chakka was from prepacked container and later the flavor enhanced with strawberries.


Hung curd/yogurt 1 cup
Granulated sugar 1/2 cup
Strawberries 1/2 cup  [ Additional strawberries diced and sliced used before serving]
Cardamom powder 1/2 tsp [optional], I can't think of shrikhand without cardamom


Hang yogurt in a muslin cloth and tie it to the tap till all the liquid [whey] gets drained. [ I read in many recipes to hang the yogurt in muslin cloth and keep in refrigerator in order to avoid chakka turning sour]

The quantity of chakka seen in above pic was prepared from 1 kg of yogurt.

Wash, clean and remove the stems of strawberries. Place chopped strawberries, granulated sugar in a blender and blend it to make a smooth puree. Now take 1 cup of hung curd in a wide mouthed mixing bowl, add strawberry puree into it. Add cardamom powder and whisk the mixture gently to remove any lumps until you get nice creamy texture of the yogurt. Add in 2 tbsp of diced fresh berries. Keep it refrigerated until you serve it. Garnish the dessert with chopped pistachios and sliced fresh berries just before the serving.

Happy Cooking !!!

Sending my entry to "The Colour Me Photography Challenge Series"  for the month of June.


  1. Congrats on the 100th post Aparna! And thank you so much for sending the click to Colour Me.

    The strawberry srikhand looks really delish. I have to wait for some five months before I can lay my hands on strawberries here :(

  2. Hey appu, congrats on u r 100th post... Great going... Tempting Shrikand... Super click...... :-)

  3. Congrats and the srikhand look too good!