Avalo Murabbah [Indian Gooseberry Jam]

Avalo also known by names such as amla/ nellikai/amalkai is an excellent source of Vitamin C and known as best natural herb in ayurvedic medicine having many health benefits. It has been used in variety of recipes like jams, chutneys and pickles.

The post today is about preparation of jam from this fruit which is known as Avale murrabbo/ Amla murabbah. It is very delicious and can be used as an accompaniment with bread, chappatis or idli dosas.


Avalo /Indian gooseberries
Saffron few strands
Cardamom powder


Wash and grate avalo and discard the seeds.
Measure the amount of grated avalo, place it in a pan and cook it with little water [quantity of water enough to immerse the grated avalo] for 7-8 minutes. Keep it stirring continuously on low flame. 

Once they get cooked and become soft, add in sugar [quanity equal to the grated amla]. Stir it nicely to cook further. Add some saffron strands to a tbsp of warm sugar syrup and later add it to the mixture. Allow the mixture to cook further till the sugar reaches single or double string conistency as per your preference.

Switch off the flame and add powdered cardamom. Mix well and keep it aside to cool. Store in sterilized glass jar/ bottle and refrigerate it. You can serve it with chappatis, dosas or spread on a slice of bread, idlis.

Happy cooking !


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