Besan laddoos

Laddoos are famous Indian sweets known to be prepared during celebrations and festivals especially Diwali. Besan Laddoo is prepared from chickpea flour [besan]. Preparation wise it is an extremely simple sweet dish but with a tricky step of roasting the flour in ghee continuously till it gets an even brown color.

This particular recipe by Jayashri Baleri, my Facebook friend gives you 10/10 results. I was so much inspired by her preparation, a classy one that I had to give a try to her recipe. 

[35- 40 laddoos of medium size were prepared from the quantity that is mentioned below] 

3 measures of besan flour,
1 measure of ghee,
2 and 1/4 measures of sugar powdered. 
Cardamom powdered 1 ½ tsp
Chopped/Crushed Nuts like pistachios, almonds, cashews.
Raisins [I have excluded them]


Roast the besan on a very low flame using ghee in parts [note this tip] i.e. keep adding ghee at regular intervals, so that the besan doesn't burn. If all the ghee is added at the beginning itself the besan ghee mixture becomes very heavy and difficult to stir and hence added in parts till almost all the ghee is used up. Keep stirring continuously. This procedure will take about half an hour [It took me abt 40 mins]. You will know by the nice roasted aroma that fills not just your kitchen but also will reach your neighbour's house ;). 

At the end of this step, it will look like a dark brown mass in almost liquid form but not to worry. [Even if you don't get dark brown color, please note that the color of besan should change to a darker hue than the raw besan flour, after this step I got a lovely golden brown colour] Let it cool completely, then add nuts of your choice, raisins, and the powdered sugar along with the elaichi/cardamom powder. Use your hands [note this tip] and try to mix everything very well and then make laddoos. 
Keep some crushed nuts/raisins aside and if u wish use them to garnish these laddoos.

Store these laddoos in airtight containers.

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  1. Thanks for the mention aparna.....these laddoos are simply gorgeous....and your pictures out of the world......superb again....