Mooga Dali Usli/ Moong Dal Stirfry

Mooga dali usli is a healthy and tasty snack prepared by Konkani people. While talking with HD about the plan to incorporate dals in my everyday cooking,  pat came his suggestion "Mooga dali usli". Outwardly I was smiling (and my eyes rolled up) but inwardly I was thinking how will I prepare it? Though the recipe is simple, easy and nutritious but the key step for a tasty usli lies in cooking moong dal perfectly - neither overcooked nor undercooked. And this step which I failed to achieve during my initial days of experimental cooking had discouraged me. I had not prepared it for long time after those failed attempts. So after a lot of trepidation, I decided to include the dish in my meal planning and prepare it regularly. Glad I did so because with each attempt I managed to master the step of cooking the dal perfectly!

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Madgane / Chana Dal Payasu

We GSB people [Amchigelle community] usher in the new year and celebrate springtime harvest season with Samsaar Padvo/Ugadi celebrations. Traditional home cooked food is an integral part of our celebrations and Samsaar padvo is no exception. The Ugadi menu mostly consists of Chano Kadgi Ghashi, Khotto, Chutney, Tendle bibbe upkari, Dalitoy, Madgane, etc. Though this traditional celebration while living overseas is desirable but not always practical, hence the festive menu gets adjusted depending upon the availability of ingredients and time. Whatever is the menu it does include Madgane as sweet dish. Today posting here the recipe of Madgane that has been lying in my drafts.

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Doodhpak / Milk and Rice Pudding

There are variety of payasu made on auspicious occasions and festivals by the GSB/Konkani community. Few to name are Shevayin payasu, Rawe payasu, Gharayi, Madgane, Doodhpak, etc. I have already posted the recipe for Shevayin payasu and Rawe Payasu. Today I have got you the recipe for Doodhpak. 

Doodhpak literally means milk sweet syrup. It is basically a delicious and aromatic concoction made by slowly simmering the milk with rice, sugar and cardamom powder to form a creamy rich treat packed with all dairy goodness. Few years back when I got an opportunity to make this sweet dish for a festival celebration here, one of my friend passed on this recipe to me. 

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